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Why we need ESL teachers in the core classes…

In a recent article in Education Weekly by Lesli A. Maxwell,  a survey from the Education Week Research Center found that “Fewer than 25 percent of teachers who were surveyed said that they are “prepared” or “well-prepared” to teach the new English/language arts and math standards to English-language learners.”  This reaffirms the need for ELL teachers to be in the classroom supporting mainstream teachers.  Having assisted ELLs in the high school and k-8 schools in all content area subjects, I can endorse that teaching educators how to teach ELLs is so important for success in the core subjects. This is even important in the bilingual classes where students receive L1 support from their teachers.  One of the methods I use is the SIOP Model (Sheltered instruction Observation Protocol) or Sheltered English.  Below are five strategies I use in conjunction with other SIOP Model strategies.

5 Tips for ELL teachers in the classroom:

  1. Help teachers create visuals to put around the classroom which includes anchor charts, manipulate word walls, exemplar student work with rubrics, and visuals that support students’ identities.
  2. Help teachers modify their work and add pictures, technology, and real life examples
  3. Work with students in small groups based on need
  4. Coteach with the teachers in ELL teachers area of strength
  5. Create word alphabets, definitions, and vocabulary related activities

For more information on the survey results please read:

Teachers of English-Learners Feel Least Prepared for Common Core, Survey Finds

By Lesli A. Maxwell on August 14, 2014 2:55 PM


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